As you move from smaller to larger or midsized companies, you will (as a PM), need to manage multiple stakeholders and their expectations of the product.

This is especially true at mid-sized companies where there isn’t enough organizational maturity to have fixed processes and authority but the organization is not small enough where the CTO, CEO and CPO (can be the same person) get along and can decide on which direction to move.

As such, at companies of this size and scale, it is necessary to manage the expectations of various team members who are all vying for influence in…

It is a “Militia” not a “One man militia”. Theres a difference in definition, even back when it was written. The appropriate definition of “militia” should be a function of population density and arms must be accessible by the community to protect itself but not by individuals. Thats my interpretation of this anyway.

This will go a long way towards balancing the prevention of tyranny and keeping kids safe.

In my Product Management career, spanning from Zynga to Earnest to now BlackRock.. with a handful of startups mixed in, I’ve found feedback loops invaluable in managing the complexities of product design, iteration, and ultimately shipping. It has also been very helpful to me as an abstract concept to determine the best communications architecture for a collaborative team.

To start off, what are these “feedback loops” that I’m referring to?

Lets see what Wikipedia has to say:

Whenever I think taxes, I think fml.. loopholes for the rich and jobs for tax accountants and tax attorneys and employees of the magnificent IRS and other Jurisdictions’ equivalents.

That said, I think in the case of Climate Change, a revenue neutral carbon tax policy just might help provide the stop-gap needed to help save the planet from ourselves before it is too late.

I foresee Nuclear Fusion becoming a reality within the next century and hope I will be alive to see that day! However, waiting a century at current rates of consumption, population growth, and environmental “re-shaping” (a…

I started out my career under 2 bosses, one who was my boss in the organizational chart and was more-or-less, a hands-off manager, and one who was actively looking for PM help on their team and lobbied to move me within their organization.

They clearly liked what they saw in me in my early days in product management, and perhaps also wanted leverage in their own position. Leverage is a great thing, if you know how to handle it. I’ll call this boss-type the “leverage-seeker”. …

How to know when you’re big enough.. for scale

150 years of tests a day!

Take a page from this playbook, Facebook.

~ Don Norman

New revelation..


Open Happiness!

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